What to Do in Sedona During Winter

When deciding on places to travel to during the winter months, Sedona, Arizona is probably not the first to come to mind. As residents of Sedona, we’ve seen how beautiful it can be during the colder months. We think you should absolutely add it to your vacation plans this coming year.

Sedona is unlike other cities during the cold months. During the winter time, you’ll find lower hotel rates and smaller crowds. The winter weather is mild, but if you’re lucky enough to catch a snow flurry, you’ll witness the beautiful snow-capped red rock mountains. The snow doesn’t last long and quickly melts away. So consider yourself lucky if you visit in time to catch it. On average, the high hovers around 57 degrees, and it goes as low as 30 degrees. Leaving you with enough cool weather to make it really feel like winter, but not too cold to make yourself miserable!


If you decide to join us in Sedona this winter, here are some of our favorite things to do. We’ve included destinations that we recommend whether you’re traveling as a family, with friends, and or taking a spiritual journey alone.

Free Soul’s 2017 Sedona Winter Retreat

We highly recommend Free Soul’s Sedona Winter Retreat. The retreat guides you to connect with yourself – your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll learn how to channel your energy and grow your soul. It really is a special opportunity to attend and a wonderful opportunity to take a “spiritual vacation,” as Free Soul likes to say. The retreat is held February 18 and 19. We recommend attending the retreat and spending the rest of your time in Sedona exploring your new soul in our magical landscape.

The Polar Express and the North Pole Experience

Families with children and anyone who celebrates and loves Christmas will enjoy both The Polar Express and the North Pole Experience. During The Polar Express Train Ride, families will see the story in the book and movie come to life. Enjoy Christmas Carols, treats, and watch the beautiful landscape as you travel to Santa’s Village.  If you prefer to visit Santa’s Workshop, The North Pole Experience is a must see. It’s a hands-on experience that both kids and adults will love. You’ll be able to build toys with elves, see where Santa gets his mail, see mission control and his radar systems, and even meet the man himself.

Grand Canyon

If you visit Arizona, you must find time to see the Grand Canyon. The South Rim is only about an 110-mile drive from Sedona, and worth the day or overnight trip. It’s considered the “true Grand Canyon” and it’s the view you’ve probably seen countless times on TV and in photos. Visiting the Grand Canyon is a wonderful complement to your Sedona experience, especially if you’ve never been before.

Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad, located just about 20 miles away in Clarkdale, takes you on a ride through the red rocks and canyons of Arizona. You’ll see the cacti and wildlife of the Arizona landscape from the open-air viewing cars. And during the winter time, they feature a Santa Claus-themed train ride through the Verde Canyon.

Arizona Snowbowl

If Sedona for a winter holiday is new to you, then you probably haven’t considered going skiing or snowboarding in Arizona either. The Arizona Snowbowl, located in Flagstaff, opens for snow-skiing when the weather and base become ideal. If you’ve never skied, Snowbowl is perfect for learning. They have classes and a large learning area for beginners. Skiing in Arizona has the advantage of sunny days, so the weather never feels as dreary as other popular Winter destinations.

The Great Pinecone Drop

If you venture to Sedona during New Year’s Eve, celebrate by viewing the Great Pinecone Drop. For 16 years, the Great Pinecone Drop has been Flagstaff’s traditional New Year’s Eve symbol. Celebrate like a local by joining the town for a night of fun, song, and renewal.

Beyond these events, there are plenty of other events to choose from. There’s the International Film Festival and the Sedona Marathon in February. There are the many vineyards in Page Springs, only 10 minutes away from Sedona. If you enjoy golf, there are several world-class golf courses in Sedona featuring great views of the red rocks. We have no doubt that should you choose Sedona for your winter vacation, you’ll find yourself feeling the magic in the air!