What are the benefits of Cardamom CO2 extract?

cardamom CO2 extract

When you think of Cardamom what comes to mind? For me, it is chai tea! Besides tasting yummy, the benefits of Cardamom essential oil and the benefits of Cardamom CO2 extract are numerous.

What is the difference between Cardamom essential oil and Cardamom CO2 extract?

The main difference between Cardamom essential oil and the CO2 extract is the process of extraction. The essential oil is steam or hydro distilled, while the CO2 extract is extracted by using carbon dioxide gas.

Tip: If something is referred to as an essential oil, this tells you that it has been steam or hydro distilled. If it is referred to as a CO2 total or select or supercritical, this tells you that it has been extracted by Carbon Dioxide gas. The analogy we like to use is that the steam distilled cardamom is like a light beer and the co2 extract is a deep stout.

benefits of cardamom CO2 Extract

Cardamom CO2 extract is much “fuller” in aroma and chemistry than its essential oil cousin. This is one the beautiful benefits of Cardamom CO2 extract. This select extract truly has the aroma of freshly dried Cardamom pods, and it’s a much deeper aroma than Cardamom essential oil.

This CO2 select extract is a deeper yellow color than the steamed distilled version. The extract has a well-rounded aroma and would fall into the middle note category. We have found that this extract is highly anti-spasmodic and great for the digestive system, especially cramping. This is in part due to the high percentage of esters.

It is also quite warming and acts as a rubefacient. This means it’s wonderful in blends to increase circulation and bring heat to an area. It is also a mental stimulant and can be used to clear the mind and increase focus.

How to use Cardamom CO2 extract

Cardamom is referred to as the Queen of Spices. and we love to use this extract in cooking. Here are some ways to use it:

  • In baked goods such as breads, cookies or a muffin recipe.
  • Make a killer cup of chai tea
  • Add flavor to rice
  • To make honey Cardamom flavored
  • To flavor soups
  • Add a warmth to coffee

What are the energetic benefits of Cardamom CO2 extract?

Energetically and emotionally, Cardamom Co2 extract is stabilizing for the emotional and mental bodies. Because it is extracted from a seed, it offers a level of nurturing and protection when used in blends. It has also been known to be a wonderful aphrodisiac. Cardamom adds sweetness and hope to depressive situations. There is a completeness and gentleness that is within this extract. Because this extract offers you the “whole seed,” if you want to add this kind of “wholeness” to any blend, try using Cardamom CO2 extract.