How to Use Lavender Essential Oil in a New Way

how to use lavender

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a rut with certain essential oils? Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is an essential oil that most everyone knows about. In fact, it is one of the most used (and some believe, overused) essential oils. We all know how Lavender is now appearing in so many different body and skin care products, as well as many cleaning products. The many well-known manufacturers have taken advantage of the fact that so many of us want to “go natural” and so Lavender has been added to products. They market them well and the general public then thinks they are “going green” or “more natural” and just in general, becoming healthier by thinking that the toxic chemicals are being removed from their homes and personal lives.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil in a New Way

Ways to Use Lavender

We know that Lavender is typically a great skin-friendly essential oil, and it’s safe for kids, etc. We put Lavender in all types of blends for skin issues. It’s great for all types of burns (you have all probably heard about Gattefosse use of Lavender, no matter what version you may have read or heard). You may also think to use it for any kind of bug bites. Lavender is probably as equally well known for its calming, soothing properties. None of this is probably new to you.  So, let’s look at how Lavender can be used in some ways that you may not have known or thought about:

  • Lavender is a good cough suppressant (anti-tussive) because of its great antispasmodic ability
  • Lavender is great for cardiovascular blends
  • Lavender is useful for perimenopausal and menopausal issues
  • Lavender can be used for antifungal blends
  • Lavender (especially the wild variety) is useful in wound and scar healing

It is the diverse chemical components that give Lavender its multiplicity of uses. If you look at its GC/MS report you will see how Lavandula angustifolia has so many different chemical components from many different chemical families.  It usually contains a high amount of esters, which give Lavender the ability to be great for the skin in so many ways. Many of these same esters also are what makes Lavender a great cough suppressant (antitussive). I have used a few drops of Lavender on the shower floor while on vacation and dealing with bronchitis.

Lavender for the Heart

Lavender is restorative for the cardiovascular system.  It has been found to be useful for any kind of weakness of the heart. In fact, according to Peter Holmes, Lavender has a special affinity for the heart.  I know a lot of people in my life that would have benefited from the use of Lavender for this purpose, but knowing this now, I can suggest Lavender for many people dealing with any heart issues.

Lavender for Hormones

When looking for alternatives (and we all like to have alternatives and choices, right?) in creating blends to balance the hormonal system, Lavender makes a great choice. Most of us rely on Geranium or Clary Sage and don’t think of using Lavender to assist in menopausal blends.  It can help with insomnia, night sweats and palpitations.  I really think that we overlook Lavender sometimes!

Lavender for the Skin

In one other blog post, I wrote about my personal use of Lavender in helping to heal from a scratch I received on my face from one of my cats.  I used it because of its skin and wound healing properties, but also because of its antibacterial ability to prevent an infection from setting in (specifically cat scratch fever caused by the bacteria that cat’s carry in their paws – Bartonella henselae).

Using Lavender in Blends

There are so many uses for Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) that I hope you may give Lavender another glance. Even though it is an essential oil that is found all over the place, it is and always has had incredible healing properties. We have Lavender from many different countries in our line at Stillpoint Aromatics.  It is true that they all pretty much smell similar. There is one other important consideration to keep in mind where Lavender is concerned:  Each country will have its own energy or vibration and this, for us, really does create a slight difference in aroma for Lavandula angustifolia.

Wherever you are in your aromatherapy journey, Lavender essential oil is a staple.  It is a basic in every toolkit.  It has many therapeutic purposes as well as energetic purposes.  One final thing to keep in mind – it really does blend well with others.  When I was teaching children (back in the day), we had report cards. There was a place on the report card where we had to grade how well each child “got along with others”. Lavender would be the one to always get a high grade in this area. When Lavender essential oil is added to a blend, it really does add a well-rounded component. When you are looking for something to round out a blend aromatically, Lavender can hold it all together. Lavender can provide a stability – both aromatically and energetically and sometimes that is really what we all need.

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