The Best Essential Oils for Meditation

Woman meditating at home. Girl practicing yoga in yoga class

Many of us live very hectic, productive lives that can cloud our minds with busy and frantic thoughts. Being constantly on the move can negatively impact our ability to rest, recharge, focus, and even think clearly.   Many of us are also living in a state of constant fear and worry due to the collective consciousness of the world at this time. 

During times such as these, it is important for one to have a daily practice to help center, settle and ground ourselves.  For thousands of years, people have relied on some form of meditation as a means of reaching their own individual “Stillpoint” to center and calm their mental as well as physical bodies.  Some physicians even prescribe meditation as a way to lower blood pressure and to help improve sleep. 

Actually, meditation has been proven to benefit us on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. In 2013, it was recommended that all of Corporate America should meditate as a way to stay calm and increase productivity. In studies conducted at UCLA, patients who practiced mindfulness showed more brain activity in areas that calm emotional responses—known as the prefrontal cortex—and less activation in the amygdala, an area of the brain that plays a role in regulating stress.

Those of us who know and understand essential oils are aware of the fact that they can instantly affect our brains via inhalation having a direct effect on our limbic system, creating a sense of peace,  well-being, and safety. 

Essential oils can be very beneficial in supporting us in the practice of meditation – in any form – whether it be prayer or meditative breathing exercises, mindfulness, yoga and more.

Read below to learn more about the essential oils you need to use for your meditation practices. 

What essential oils are best for meditation?

Meditation is an art form that takes time to master. The following essential oils can help ease your mind, guide you toward inner peace and discover the benefits of self-healing.

The best essential oils for yoga and meditation


Lavender essential oil offers a beautiful balance of clarity and enlightenment. When using it in meditation, it can reduce anxiety, depression, and relax the mind. Lavender is an ideal essential oil for meditation, thanks to its calming properties, sweet distinctive scent, and overall stabilizing effects on the body and mind.


Because meditation requires a stable focus and control of your breathing, the expectorant, airway-clearing properties of Eucalyptus essential oil allow for a release of chest tightness—and thus, anxiety—which allows you to breathe deeply and steadily. While it is best used in a diffuser, placing it on your Heart Chakra (Anahata) or Third Eye (Ajna) with a carrier oil will also aid in meditation. 


Sandalwood essential oil truly heals in more ways than one. Meant to drastically promote regeneration of skin cells, its highly cleansing properties also break down the negative thoughts and stress that cloud our minds—which helps us gain clarity and inner peace. Because of its hypotensive nature, it also helps lower blood pressure caused by anxiety, and helps the mind focus, relax, meditate and ruminate on what really matters—our higher selves. 


Perfect for transforming your spirit, promoting self-love and acceptance, ridding the mind of fears, and enabling creativity, Neroli essential oil is another must-have for meditating for inner peace. Its cortisol-reducing properties help the body fight and ward off stress, while also centering your mind during meditation and moving you closer to mindfulness, peace, and your best self. 

Angelica Root

A sweet and floral aroma makes Angelica Root an ideal essential oil to pair with your meditative practices. Its healing powers range from healing stomach ailments to helping minimize issues with the heart and blood circulation. When used in meditation, it helps strengthen the emotional body, while creating a quiet, calming environment in the space around you. 


A distinctive, earthy, and slightly woody scents characterize Fingerroot essential oil, which is a member of the ginger family that originated in Thailand. It is best used to relieve anger and frustration while meditating, promoting a serene, worry-free environment. Place it on your chest or head to establish centeredness and groundedness during your meditation session.

The best essential oils for spiritual meditation

The best essential oils to help with spiritualism come from the bible. The following were used by old and new testament figures in prayers, rituals and meditation. 


Perfect for opening up the heart to change and promoting balance, Frankincense essential oil is ideal for meditation because of its ability to reduce stress, clear congestion and alleviate pain and inflammation. It promotes overall relaxation and equilibrium to the mind, body and spirit, through meditation and beyond. 


An ancient and spiritual essential oil that has been used to promote awareness, centeredness and provoke spiritual awakenings for centuries. Galbanum essential oil is often combined with Frankincense essential oil to yield the traditional holy incense that was used in the New Testament ages, and dramatically boosts the vibrational frequencies of other essential oils.


This sacred essential oil was a gift by the three kings. Myrrh essential oil has a pleasant scent, and has been used traditionally to uplift, center and ground the spirit during times of turmoil and beyond. Best used in ceremonies and, of course, in your meditative practices.  

The best essential oils for mindfulness

To stay mindful and connected with the earth we plant our feet on, we recommend essential oils extracted from the roots of trees and plans. Some examples of root essential oils include: 

Ghandi Root

Thanks to its bold, earthy aroma, diffusing Gandhi Root essential oil can help put the mind at ease—especially when positivity and groundedness are your key goals. To experience its soothing benefits to calm your mind, try adding it to a carrier oil or diffuser


Exhibiting a pleasantly peppery, slightly minty aroma, Ginger essential oil is great for decompressing from stress, detoxing negative energy and toxic thoughts, while also boosting confidence and self-empowerment. Its highly stimulatory properties have earned it recognition as the “the oil of empowerment,” and it is well known for helping its users take control of their lives. 


A complex, musky scent comprises the aromatic properties of Spikenard essential oil, a rare essential oil that’s been used for thousands of years to help with clarity and self-reflection. Best used via aromatherapy to directly impact the brain through memory-based association, the uplifting yet calming nature of Spikenard makes it ideal for mindfulness—especially when the end goal is relaxation and freedom from swarming thoughts.  


From anti-inflammatory properties to energizing aromatic outcomes, the spicy aroma of Turmeric essential oil makes it ideal for energizing your headspace. Best used in high-stress situations or strenuous periods of life, Turmeric’s vibrant nature helps reestablish your sense of personal power and groundedness, while its purifying energy yields a supportive and uplifting environment. 


With a highly gratifying, grounding, and calming aroma, Vetiver essential oil is often referred to as the “oil of tranquility.” It is best used in meditation to calm an anxious or depressed mind and reduce insomnia, fatigue and help with concentration—and the benefits don’t stop there. 

White Turmeric

A warm and slightly spicy aroma makes way for the intense benefits of White Turmeric essential oil, which has more in common with ginger than the yellow, vibrant colored Turmeric essential oil listed above. It provides a sense of comfort to your muscles and joints, which is perfect for relieving tension while experiencing stress, pain or nausea during your mindfulness sessions. 

The best essential oils blends for meditation

At Stillpoint Aromatics, we have created essential oil chakra blends that many of our clients use in their meditative practices. The following blends relate specifically to your seven chakras

1st Chakra – Stability Blend (Stabilita)

Our Stillpoint Stabilità essential oils blend is meant to help with the first chakra—known as our Root or Muladhara—which deals with life and survival on this very planet. Its grounding nature helps us manifest and bring forth our logical, order-based and structure-oriented natures. Formulated with Red Mandarin, Black Spruce and Buddha Wood essential oils, as well as Balsam Poplar Flower Essence.

2nd Chakra – Creation Blend  (Creazione)

Our Creazione essential oils blend is meant to help with the second chakra—known as our Sacral Chakra or Swadhisthana—which handles our creative energy, inter and intrapersonal relationships, as well as sexual dynamics. When meditating, this blend helps us satisfy our personal and physical needs. Blended with Sweet Orange, Coriander and Ylang Ylang Complete essential oils, and finished off with Helichrysum Flower Essence.

3rd Chakra – Strength Blend (Forza)

Our Forza essential oils blend is meant to help with the third chakra—known as our Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura—which helps with individualization, guiding us toward constructing our ego and deconstructing negative patterns that weigh us down. When meditating with this blend, you’ll discover ways to create and strengthen your personal power. Created with Laurel Leaf, Nutmeg and Distilled Orange essential oils, as well as White Storm Rose Flower Essence and Sun Flower Essence

4th Chakra – Self Blend (Se Stesso)

Our Se stesso essential oils blend helps us love unconditionally—whether that be ourselves or others—and helps with our fourth chakra, known as our Heart Chakra or Anahata. Arguably the powerhouse of the human body, this chakra is benefitted through meditation and aids in our connection to our higher spirits, as well as the divine. Formulated with Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa and Bergamot essential oils, as well as Lavender Flower Essence and Palo Verde Flower Essence.

5th Chakra – Communication Blend (Comunicazione)

Our Comunicazione essential oils blend aids our fifth chakra—known as our throat chakra or Visshuda—and helps us speak our truth with integrity, as well as our self-expression and ability to communicate clearly and honesty. Made with Cape Snowbush, Rosemary Verbenone, Fragonia and Blue Tansy essential oils, as well as Trumpet Vine Flower Essence.

6th Chakra – Wisdom Blend (Saggezza)

Our Saggezza essential oils blend maintains our sixth chakra—known as our Third Eye of Ajna—which helps us see things in a clear light and have the wisdom to move forward in grace, with the best tool you can have: your own perspective. Made with Frankincense, Clary Sage and Lemon essential oils, as well as Moon Flower Essence

7th Chakra – Transformation Blend (Transformazione)

This Stillpoint Transformazione essential oils blend assists with our seventh chakra—our Crown Chakra or Sahasrara—which helps us be more intuitive, practice conscious knowingness, and the expansion of our higher selves. Ultimately, this is our connection to the ability to trust wherever life takes us. Formulated with Rhododendron, Lavender, White Sage and Palo Santo essential oils, as well as Palo Santo Flower Essence.

How to use essential oils in meditation and yoga

Inhalation is the fastest and most impactful way to alter our state of mind and bring us into center and balance. This makes it the most effective way to use essential oils for meditation. 

You can place a drop or two of essential oils in the palm of your hands and inhale deeply. Other ways to use essential oils via olfaction is either a diffuser or in an aromatherapy nasal inhaler.

If desired, a drop of oil can also be placed on any of the chakras. We prefer to put a drop on our third eye and root chakras.

Lastly, applying the essential oil to the center of the soles of your feet and the bottom of the big toe can have profound effects when meditating. The center of the foot chakra helps ground us, while our big toe connects to the pineal gland via reflexology points.

How Stillpoint Essential Oils can help

Meditation is a very powerful, very personal practice. That being said, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “What essential oils are good for X?” Ultimately, what works for one person may not work for you.

For example, what might be grounding for us may create a sense of expansion or have an effect on bringing a certain awareness of being “outside” one’s body. While some may think that is the ultimate goal of meditation, in our spiritual training, we have incarnated to live within our bodies in a healthy, balanced spiritual manner.

For questions about the right essential oils for your meditative journey, contact us.