4 Ways Aromatherapy Can Boost Your Career

As a fan of essential oils, you already know how many ways aromatherapy can improve your health and emotional state. But did you ever consider that aromatherapy can boost your career? Here are some unique ways to consider essential oils as a powerful influence on your work.

ways aromatherapy can boost your career

Diffuse Oils at Your Desk

Depending on your office situation, you can use essential oils to create a healthy atmosphere at work. Not every workplace will give you the opportunity to diffuse oils, and some people are sensitive to the aroma, but if you can get away with it — start diffusing! Try a blend that helps you focus, or blend antiviral oils when everyone at work is coughing and sneezing. Oils like Rosemary cineole, Eucalyptus radiata, Fragonia, Spearmint, and Grapefruit are just a few.

Create Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer

Every time you return to your desk from an errand at the office, clean your hands. Don’t use a potentially unhealthy hand sanitizer with drying alcohol and unnecessary antibacterial chemicals. Use organic aloe vera gel as your base and include a blend of antiviral and antimicrobial oils that you connect with energetically. The end result? A germ-killer that makes you feel good.  Some oils that you can consider are Benchmark Thyme, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Lemon Tea Tree, Steam distilled Lemon or Lime.

Take Aromatherapy Classes

Have you been considering a career change? Aromatherapy may literally hold the key to a new, more fulfilling career. Aromatherapy students have gone on to start new careers teaching classes and workshops, blending aromatherapy products, and providing essential oil consultations. With an education in aromatherapy, you’re empowered to create your own aromatherapy-based career. Take a weekend workshop and see if you connect with the material.

Meditate with Essential Oils

Setting your sights on a big promotion? Fretting about office bullshit? Focus and meditate. Use essential oils to enhance your meditation practice and help you stay calm and present in the moment. Consider diffusing root oils like Palo Santo, Fragonia, Ghandi Root, Frankincense sacra, Sagebrush and Angelica root. Follow your heart and pay attention to which oils inspire a spiritual or energetic connection. You may find that meditation gives you more focus and calm when you need it most at work.